Ask An Expert

Claire Gandy, is the October Expert in our virtual roundtable event series, for Dame Changer members-only.

Claire Gandy

General Manager Content

Event Entertainment

Cinemas | Event | BCC | GU Film House | CineStar | Moonlight

Wednesday 6 October, 6:30 – 7:30 pm (AEST) VIA Zoom


Claire Gandy’s ASK AN EXPERT session was over-subscribed and Claire has generously agreed to a second session.

Wednesday 27 October, 6:30 – 7:30 pm (AEST) VIA Zoom

Talk to Claire about:

  • What criteria are considered when programming films for Event Cinemas
  • What are “comps”, “terms” (or film hire or film rentals) and “film dating”?
  • How do cinemas make programming decisions after the weekend and, with smaller marketing budgets, how can Australian films maintain sessions to allow for word-of-mouth-driven discovery?
  • How do distributors and exhibitors work together to promote Australian films?
  • Do filmmakers have a role in promoting, marketing and increasing awareness of their film?
  • What audiences are under-served by the current content offering in cinemas and can Australian films fill this gap?
  • How does Event program feature documentaries?
  • What should filmmakers know and understand about making feature films that will have a chance of success in cinemas?

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Only 10 participants will have the opportunity to chat to Claire in an intimate online forum where they can ask questions about their project, business, funding or career strategies and plans. We’ll continue to take registrations after the maximum number has been reached and we’ll let you know if you’ve been successful. 


Claire has worked in the entertainment industry for over 16 years.

After completing drama and arts studies, she worked her way to the film department of Event/Greater Union becoming a film programmer, where she gained the knowledge, skills and contacts in the distribution, exhibition and film making community. With that experience she moved to Dendy Cinemas where she was the National Film, Content and Programming Manager, gaining more industry knowledge and perspective from the independent landscape.

During this time, she became involved in the acquisitions process at Icon Films, learning about the creative and business aspects of film distribution and how to acquire strong and engaging films for Icon, becoming Development and Film Acquisitions Manager in tandem with the Content Management for the cinema side of the business, working across all aspects of content, acquisitions, finance, incorporating evaluation of material at any point in its development pathway, forecasting against market trends and financial modelling for acquired content in the Australian market. Claire also began working with producer Bruce Davey assessing varied material for development.

In 2017 she was offered the role of General Manager of Content for Event Cinemas, the largest and most successful cinema chain in Australia and New Zealand, where she is focusing on supporting and nurturing Australian and local content, and expanding the film palettes of the Event audiences with interesting and engaging film and content outside of the broader commercial content offerings.

If you’re considering releasing a feature film in cinemas, you shouldn’t miss this conversation with Claire. She will talk about the criteria and measures she uses to program films at Event Cinemas and how these differ from the programming strategies she applied at (independent) Dendy. She’ll will also discuss the shifting distribution landscape (particularly in regard to streaming and windows), the importance and the challenges of programming Australian films and answer questions about forecasting, negotiation of terms and booking strategies across the national Event circuit.