Industry experts

These Dame Changer experts are leaders in the screen industry who share a commitment to advancing the careers of women.

International experts

Hilary Davis, Sales Agent

Local experts

Jane Allen, Script Editor

Kingston Anderson, CEO of the Australian Directors’ Guild

Christina Andreef, Director

Gillian Armstrong, Director

Linda Aronson, Screenwriter

Mike Baard, Managing Director of Universal Pictures International Australasia

Deborah Balderstone, Producer

Helen Barrow, Director & Producer

Rosemary Blight, Producer

Helen Bowden, Producer

Bryan Brown, Actor, Producer & Writer

Anni Browning, Managing Director of Film Finances Australasia

Fiona Cameron, ABC Ombudsman

Pauline Chan, Director & Producer

Leah Churchill-Brown, Producer

Colleen Clarke, Post Production Supervisor

Rachel Clements, Producer

Ian Collie, Producer/CEO Easy Tiger Productions

Jennifer Collins, Head of Screen, ABC

Carolyn Constantine, Director of Photography

Dany Cooper, Editor

Jane Corden, Managing Director, Entertainment Partners Australia and NZ

Lynn-Maree Danzey, Television Director

Kris Darmody, Lawyer & Business Affairs Professional

Claire Dobbin, International Script Consultant

Peter Drinkwater, CEO of House of Brand Group and Screen Audience Research Australia

Amanda Duthie, Head of Originals, STAN

Fiona Eagger, Producer

John Edwards, Producer

Bonnie Elliott, Cinematographer

Kylie du Fresne, Producer

Nick Forward, General Manager AFL Digital

Posie Graeme-Evans, Director and Producer

Ben Grant, Producer

Amanda Higgs, Producer, Writer and Executive

Alexandra Hodgkinson, Executive producer, freelance journalist, media trainer

Anna Howard, Cinematographer

Justine Kerrigan, Cinematographer

Ana Kokkinos, Film and TV Director and Writer, Performance Coach, Mentor and Trainer, Solicitor

Samantha Lang, Film Director and Screenwriter

Debbie Lee, Head of Comedy, ABC

Troy Lum, Producer/Partner, Hopscotch Features

Catherine McDonald, Lawyer

Marion Macgowan, Producer

Jane Maguire, Post Production Supervisor

Tracey Mair, Screen Industry Publicist

Sue Maslin, Producer

Sue Masters, Executive Producer of Drama and Comedy, SBS

Beverly McGarvey, Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer & Head of Paramount +, Paramount Australia and New Zealand

Giselle McHugh, Head of Legal and Business Affairs at Curio Pictures

Catriona McKenzie, Director

Jocelyn Moorhouse, Screenwriter & Director

Mary-Ellen Mullane, Commissioning Editor, Children’s Content, ABC

Rachel Okine, Head of Scripted, ABC

Chris Oliver-Taylor, Chief Content Officer, ABC

Rena Owen, Actress & Writer

Helen Panckhurst, Producer

Jennifer Peedom, Producer & Director

Sally Riley, Head of Scripted Production, ABC TV

Jo Rooney, Drama Executive Producer/Producer

Sandra Sdraulig AM, Executive Coach and Mentor for Women

Corrie Soeterboek, CEO of FACB

Pearl Tan, Actress, Writer, Director & Producer

Sue Taylor, Producer

Jenni Tosi, Screen Production Executive and Business Consultant

Caroline Verge, Principal of Verge Whitford & Co

Tracey Vieira, Chief Content Officer, Hoodlum

Rachel Ward, Director

Deanne Weir, Media Entrepreneur, Company Director and Philanthropist

Caitlin Yeo, Film Composer

Sophia Zachariou, CEO, Bunya Productions

Be a mentor in your career

No matter who you are, you can start having an impact by recognising women for their achievements and actively promoting the advancement of your female colleagues.

Women are less likely to toot their own horns, so help make sure your colleagues get the credit they deserve. Look for opportunities to acknowledge women when their ideas are implemented, both publicly and to people in senior positions. When you introduce female coworkers, emphasise their accomplishments.

And say something. When an appointment doesn’t appear to be based on merit – call it out. Do it politely and with discretion, but don’t accept that it has to be that way. You may not change the outcome of the appointment, but you may cause a decision-maker to reflect and think twice next time.

This is how change will be achieved. Through small conversations and incremental shifts in thinking.

Be the change you want to see.