Get your Project Market Ready

A select number of project teams are invited to progress to the Mentor to Market Project Accelerator program upon successful completion of Screen Tank.

Are you experienced with credits to your name but still struggling to get your next project to market?

Our Mentor to Market Project Accelerator focusses on building women-led project teams to become market ready.

Mentor to Market Project Accelerator will bring career transformation, professional development and help build long-term relationships and business capacity. We have designed this program for women professionals who are motivated by something deeper to change the world.

Our network of experienced professionals offers a structured and tailored path to get your project to market.

Attendance at Screen Tank is a prerequisite for the Mentor to Market Project Accelerator program (additional criteria apply).

You and your team will:

  • Get your project market ready

  • Pitch your project to decision makers

  • Identify finance and funding avenues

  • Meet the challenges of market validation

  • Receive one-on-one mentoring

  • Gain insights and advice from experts

  • Build your network

  • Attend a 12 month program

At a Glance

Program Outline


Screen Tank

  • 3-day Screen Tank Immersion

Your team will be submerged in an intensive 3-day series of presentations, discussions and workshops with a range of local and international industry professionals. Screen Tank concludes with each project team pitching to experts and receiving practical feedback to improve the market viability of their project.

Project Selection

  • 3 Projects Selected

Three Screen Tank projects with the most advanced creative and business elements in place will move forward to the Mentor to Market accelerator program.


M2M Momentum Plan

  • M2M Momentum Plan

Your team will create a detailed M2M Momentum Plan that will map out your project trajectory over the next 12-months clearly outlining all the goals, steps and resources required to get your project to market by addressing strengths and weakness across our four key focus areas:

  • Creative & Leadership

  • Audience & Market

  • Strategy & Finance

  • Distribution

Key Focus Area: Creative & Leadership

Creative & Leadership

  •  1: Creative & Leadership

Sit around the kitchen table with industry experts to critically analyse the creative leadership of your project and ability to execute your story. Be prepared to consider your own skills gaps and those of your creative team to step up for advancement.

Key Focus Area: Audience & Market

Audience & Market

  • 2: Audience & Market

Sit around the kitchen table with industry experts to test your assumptions about the project’s target demographic to demonstrate its appeal to the audience and market. Be prepared to iterate your process for connecting the project to market.

Key Focus Area: Strategy & Finance

Strategy & Finance

  • 3: Strategy & Finance

Sit around the kitchen table with industry experts to perform comparative market and budget analysis, and test financing opportunities in the current landscape.

Key Focus Area: Distribution


  • 4: Distribution

Sit around the kitchen table with industry experts to explore inventive distribution channels with the latest market intelligence.

One-on-one Mentoring


  • One-on-one Mentoring

After each focus session, deep dive with an expert in the industry chosen specifically to fit your professional development and project needs.

Market Ready

Market Ready

  • Pitch to Market

The Mentor to Market program culminates with your pitch to market. This is your opportunity to woo broadcasters, distributors and sales agents, testing your project pitch, presentation and negotiations skills within a safe environment.

You will receive direct feedback on project presentation, deal-making strategies, negotiation skills and a clear indication whether your project is ready for market.

Celebrate & Join the Alumni


  • Celebrate

You and your team and invited to attend a special event to celebrate your success with our Dames and other successful graduates of the Mentor to Market program.

  • Join the Alumni

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be invited to become a member of Dame Changer and an all important member of the Dame Changer Alumni.


Course Requirements

Participants will be expected to become immersed in the program and to work on their projects in their own time, meeting your designed and agreed-to target goals before each Expert Table. Project teams not meeting deadlines will be asked to stand aside.

Please note that all conversations, without exception, are strictly confidential, encouraging members to be honest and open about project challenges. All participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to preserve the integrity of the program and privacy for its members.