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Screen Tank is an intensive thee-day learning and development experience, for film and TV projects including feature documentaries,  broken down into presentations, breakout sessions, group discussion and workshops.

You will work with local and international experts and advisors to further define and market-validate your film or  feature doc. Industry expert sessions identify and target the specific creative and business requirements of the participating projects.

Our thee day business program which is designed to help participants understand the market place, domestic and international, and build a project business plan. It covers a broad spectrum of topics including project differentiation, creating a community, financial and business modelling, legal issues and much more. Part of this is also to improve their pitch, understand the expectations of prospective business partners, get insights into the process of packaging a film including guidelines of finance, recoupment and dealmaking, all of these teachings are applied to the participants’ respective projects in the workshop elements and underpinned by business and project case studies.

Sessions cover a broad spectrum of topics including project differentiation, creating a community, financial and business modelling, legal issues and much more.

At the conclusion of the program, your team will have the opportunity to present your project to the experts in the film & TV industry in one-on-one meetings and receive constructive feedback.

You and your team will:

  • Assess the market-readiness of your project

  • Identify next steps to market

  • Pitch to industry professionals and receive feedback

  • Attend one-on-one meetings with industry experts

  • Gain insights and advice from experts

  • Build your network

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2019  Featured Speakers

Screen Tank Featured speakers


The Screen Tank program is structured around three focussed business areas: (1) Audience and Marketing;  (2) Sales & Distribution; and (3) Sales, Release and Marketing Strategy. Programming is subject to change as speakers are confirmed and will be flexible to accommodate the needs of the project teams attending.

2019 program will be announced soon

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At the conclusion of the Screen Tank, your team will have a project specific plan which outlines:

  • 1-2 realistic and measurable goals

  • Action-steps required be taken to reach these goals

  • Additional resources available to help achieve goals

  • Timeline indicating when each step and goal will be completed

You and your team will also be eligible for consideration to join the 12-month Mentor to Market project accelerator program.

Mentor to Market


  • Your team can be up to 4 people, to include a minimum of 2 women.

  • Female directors preferred.

  • Ideally, at least one woman in your team must have over ten years industry experience and have successfully delivered a long format project to market in the last five years

  • Feature film or Feature Documentaries only

Female directors and/or writers are encouraged to apply. We will assist you in finding the right people for your project. Even if you have less than 10 years’ experience, you are welcome to apply, because we will connect you to the experience you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone can apply. You do not need to be a Dame Changer member prior to applying. However, one member in your team needs to meet the membership eligibility requirements and your team must meet the Screen Tank eligibility requirements above.

What does a team look like?

Ideally it is a producer and director team. There must be a minimum of two people in the team, one of which meets the membership eligibility requirements.

What does it cost to apply?

Application fee $120, for your membership

What will Screen Tank cost if my application is successful?

Screen Tank costs $900 for your team to attend. If your team is from interstate you will need to get to Sydney and stay for the three days. We will be encouraging the state agencies to assist with travel costs.

Do I need to be a Dame Changer member to apply for Screen Tank?

No you don’t need to be, but one of your team must meet the membership eligibility requirements.

Who should complete the application form?

A member of the team. It usually would be the producer, but does not have to be. The person who does complete the form and submit must meet the membership eligibility requirements.

I don’t yet have all the information requested on the form, for example I don’t have a finance plan. What do I do?

Don’t worry, just fill in what you can. We hope the workshop will enable you to fill in the gaps.


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2019 applications are now open.

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